Campaign Limericks 4x


Political campaigns are a most disgusting way to get a job! This Presidential Campaign is no exception. With mudslinging, lies, and nasty ads the two candidates go at each other like cats and dogs. I find I can either laugh or cry. This time I choose to laugh as I write these lighthearted limericks. I hope they make you smile.

Campaign Limericks 4x

I watched the presidential debates

Although it was getting late

The questions were straight

The answers irate

With nothing new on the plate


The Donald was leering and lame

Madam Hillary was smiling in pain

‘Till the tables were turned

Tax payments were learned

Now Trump has a lot to explain


Trump’s temperament is full of gusto

He blusters about everything that he knows

He did some outbursts

With a disgusting curse

Now Hillary repeats them for us to know!


Hillary loves Botox and pins

They take away wrinkles and chins

But the clothes that she wears

Are really a scare

For she looks like Mao Tse-tung


Campaigns are so disgusting

With mudsling lies and head busting

The elections are soon

Right around the  full moon

I can’t wait to end this filibustering




2 thoughts on “Campaign Limericks 4x

  1. Wow, How well you have written a poem based on a Election Campaign between Trump and Lady Hillary !!!!!!!!!!!!!! So well worded, correct, funny.
    I Loved this poem. You should get it published in the leading newspapers. Oh what a laugh, everyone will have.

    Liked by 1 person

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