Bud of New Beginning


I thought I  killed my grape vine this summer! When the Japanese Beatles began to devour the fresh green leaves, I thought I would try my own homemade natural insect spray. As it turned out it was much too strong, and though it got rid of the beetles it also got rid of all the leaves it landed upon. After a week or two the dried up leaves began to fall off and I noticed new buds coming out at the base of the old leaves. In a couple weeks I had an arbor full of leaves and the stalk was much hardier. As my summer lilac dries up in the sunshine I see the same thing. New buds are awaiting the right conditions and will come out and renew the plant once more. This poem compares this renewal to our human condition.

At the base of each drying leaf

Is a bud full of life and potential


Waiting patiently for summer’s heat

Or winter’s cold to pass

In the cool of spring

The refreshing showers

The promise of warmth

Sap rises in the cambium

Pushes open that small bud


Enlarging into a new fresh leaf

Green and vigorous

Full of life



Behind all that crushes you

Makes you feel devastated

Hopeless and distraught

Lies a bud of strength and potential

Waiting for you to recognize

That your spring has arrived

Once more



Photos: Dwight L. Roth


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