Music and Words

dwights-harmony-guitar-paintingMusic and words go together like mashed potatoes and gravy! You can eat them separate, but, in my opinion, they are so much better when put together. I feel the same about music. I love to listen to classical music and recognize a few of the more popular pieces, but  when   words are added and you have Ode to Joy, the Halleluiah Chorus, or a National Anthem. Pop songs and jingles stick in our brain for ever taking us back in time.  I have seen some guitar festivals with super guitarists, but to me it is always better when they sing along.

Music and Words

Music tickles all of my of my tympanic space

Notes driving pounding every membrane

Notes floating lightly bouncing along

Embedding their unique melodies

Like fossils deep in my brain for all time

Waiting to be conjured up at a moment’s notice

Classical music beautiful and majestic

A multitude of instruments playing on cue

But the soul of music is in the words

Words give direction to music

Taking me back to the exact times and places

To that first love that first heartbreak

Music the story of my life

The first two notes the first two words

That preceding guitar lick

Remembered forever in my soft hard drive

Evoking feelings from the deep recesses of my soul

Stirring joy tears raw emotion

A spiritual touch like no other


Harmony Guitar Painting by Dwight L. Roth

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