Coal Miner’s Fate


Coal mining is a deadly occupation. Many men have died in the mines while digging coal out of the ground. Explosions of deadly methane gas have occurred many times over the years. When I was very young our coal mining community lost over thirty men to an explosion in the Robina Mine  in Green County, Pennsylvania.  It was a sad day for all of us. Yet men still go down into the mine shafts every day bringing out the coal. The painting was done by a coal miner who rose through the ranks to become head of the Mine Workers Union. He was a poet and a painter. Check out his work at the end of this poem.

Coal Miner’s Fate

Digging in the dark dusty earth

Coming home every day

Covered in black dust head to toe

Only to turn around and do it all again


Spending a lifetime digging in the earth

Only to spend an eternity there as well

Lost forever in the dust and methane

That explosion sealed his fate

Never again to be found


Dust to dust and ashes to ashes

But, then again we all knew

It was just a matter of time

Tomorrow we’ll do it all over again


Is the money worth the pain?


Painting by John Minnich “Jock” Wilson  aka. The Coal Miners Poet

Check out his Facebook Page and poetry….

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