Grandson on the M


When my Grandson was three years old, he went with his mom to visit the farm. The old tractor seemed the perfect place to set him, high on the seat. He loved it and thought he was really driving.  When I was a teen I loved driving my uncle’s Farmall M. It had a lot of power and when the throttle was cut back quickly, it would backfire like a shotgun. This poem is to good memories for both old and young.

The old red Farmall sits idly in the field

Not shiny red, but still its engine roars

Like fifty Harleys passing by

Its shotgun cracks shoot fire into the sky


Years of wind and weather scrubbed its rugged frame

But still the inner heartbeat has not changed

Life still surges through its veins

The bellowing roar is just the same

Creating awe in young and old

Grandson and Grandpa enjoy the flame

That blows out its pipe with every crack


He sits high on his seat

Behind the wheel he’s a farmer too

Who loves the feeling of strength and power

In ways only little boys and old men understand

He’s only three but in command


There’s nothing like it that Farmall M

In my mind the memory never ends

Nor in the little one’s childlike kingdom

Where joy begins and laughter sweet

Long remembered, indelible on his mind

That throne of power

That only he and Grandpa understand!


Photos: Dwight L. Roth   &  The old M from Farmall M & H – Mark Miller




10 thoughts on “Grandson on the M

  1. I love tractors and that’s a beauty. I’ve never seen a Farmall M – I don’t think we have them in the UK. My favorite was the “little grey Fergie,” a grey tractor manufactured by Massey Ferguson. It was so dinky, almost as if it was designed for a child.

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