Buffet of Words


When I started this Word Press Poetry Blog, I had no idea how many interesting people I would connect with from all over the world. Now after a hundred days and almost a hundred followers,  I am still meeting new people. These fine people come from almost every continent and challenge and stimulate my mind every day wonderful poetry and beautiful images. I started with poems from my recent book above and continued writing a poem a day. It is challenging, but very interesting to live daily on the edge of inspiration. I want to thank all of you out there who have taken time to read my poems and share your work with me. Your work inspires me to keep on writing and your images bring beauty into my life each day.

Our Buffet of Words

I never dreamed there was a place

Where people joust words

Where one can sample and digest

The fare of a verbal buffet

And in return

Share their morsels of wisdom


What a wonderful venue

With choices better than Golden Corral

Tidbits of this and tidbits of that

Scrumptious words that tickle the mind


Add in photos for dessert

Images that carry us beyond imagination

Challenging us to stay sharp

Stimulating the brain

Words of pain rooted in anger

Healing words of joy and hope

Words of love and passion

All of this and more on our wordpress.com blog

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