Perspective and Truth


As I watch news of the protests in Charlotte, NC, I find it interesting that everyone thinks they have the truth. The police have their version, the family of the man who was shot, has its truth. The News Media has its sensational truth. The rioters who were trying to destroy property seem not to care at all about truth. So, who is right? Truth in our minds is created from our personal perspective. As we sit at home watching everything play out, we form a truth that works for us. Who really knows the truth?

“What is Truth?”

A question we all ask

Only few can answer

Truth created from ones perspective

May be right or may be wrong

Truth for most seems to be what we believe

Created from the facts seen or heard

Blind truth a rush to judgement

Often turns out to be false

Truth based on bias, bigotry, hate, or revenge

Is often proven wrong

Yet we still hang on to our truth

It seems to absolve our guilt

Makes our judgments righteous

Justifies our atrocities be they verbal or physical

For if given all the facts

We might not be able to “handle the truth!”

Would it change our perspective?


Painting by Dwight L. Roth

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