Beyond the Mist


We live in a time when everyone wants to know exactly what is going to happen. When we find ourselves having to wait for anything, we begin to get anxious.  Someone once said, “Life happens when we have others plans.” We need  to adjust our life and rest in the knowledge that all things can work out for our good. We need not become anxious when we can’t see things clearly. We know we can rest in the fact that God wants what is best for out life. We can use down time to renew and refresh. Consider it to be the dew of the spirit washing over our life.


Beyond the mist the sun is smiling

Waiting for it to lift

The cool damp blanket of morning dew

Hanging on every stick

The flowers drink in the fluid of life

Standing shiny and slick

Lifting their petals in thanks to God

For the refreshing drink he gives


When the fog sets in and clouds your view

Accept it with gratitude

Consider it a time of healing

Before the sun bursts through

In those inner moments as things close in

Our view is not quite clear


Let faith grow strong and cement our bond

We know the Son is near



Photos on Grandfather Mountain, NC – taken by Dwight L. Roth



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