What does a soldier do with his pain? Memories of the carnage and bloodshed rerun over and over in is mind. What does a person do who was criticized or ignored by parents who seemed not to care?  That voice, that look, that feeling of never measuring up is always there. What about the child who never quite fit in, who was bullied and teased by his so-called friends? The verbal abuse, the punches and kicks stay forever in his mind .  This poem is for all you who are hurting and cannot shake the trauma. This is to say, in your pain I care about the hell you are going through.


Walls built with stones and mortar of memories

Locking tightly together each painful reality

Stacking and cementing them tightly in place

Till the soul becomes hidden without even a trace

Dungeon of doom condemning the soul

Cold place of solitude where no one can dwell

A roof on top to keep out the light

Beautiful on the outside but dark in the heart

Protected and guarded from any more pain

Windows boarded up to keep out the rain


Though years have gone by the walls still close in

Creating a chasm that the soul cannot swim

A castle on the hill of life with walls strong and tall

No windows no drawbridge no one comes to call

A lifetime of memories too painful to tell

A soul locked in memories a real living hell


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

* If you are suffering from any of the above, seek professional help to work through whatever you might be going through. I have and it has made all the difference!





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