Awaiting Metamorphosis


Downsizing and moving to a smaller residence can be very traumatic for some of us who are growing older. The decision to make a major change can leave one with a lot of anxiety. Leaving the house you love and lived in for the past twenty years is not easy. Not knowing what the future holds makes us uneasy. The upside is that our life can become easier to manage with less responsibilities. It may give us the opportunity to develop new interests and meet new people who can enrich our lives. This poem takes a look at facing the changes that come with aging.

We wrap ourselves with strands of life

That tells our story from front to back

A life of joy and sorrow

All woven into that cocoon we call home

Layer after layer we weave the strands

Stories, pleasures, and memories abound

Bringing undefined feelings of love

To our ephemeral life

Family and friends give life its edge

Children and grandchildren cut deep into our souls

Embedding themselves in the fabric of our cocoon

Cool crisp mornings with coffee and tea

Birds and flowers and vines of Kiwi

Unspeakable joy and pleasures surround

In our home cocoon we’ve so tightly wound.

Time to let go and break out of our shell

Who knows what joys and pleasures we’ll tell

In transformation of mind and matter

Though parting is great sorrow

There is still hope for tomorrow

Beyond this cocoon we call home

6 thoughts on “Awaiting Metamorphosis

  1. This is so touching, sad but hopeful. Layer after layer we weave the strands, Stories, pleasures, and memories abound. I love this. Those strands are also inside you all. They bind you together, I think breaking out of the cocoon could be an exciting new adventure.

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