Humming Bird


Humming birds are beautiful creatures. I am amazed that a tiny little bird like this can survive in our environment. Their eggs are about he size of a pencil eraser. They drink nectar all day long using their long proboscis beak to reach deep into the flowers and my drinking fountain. The speed of their wings is so fast that they can hover in mid air and move at lightning speed. They come to visit me every and I am privileged to be able to watch them. This poem is my tribute to them.

Humming Bird

There you are every morning at my perch

Drinking from my fermented fountain


Addicted to the sour nectar


All of your iridescence shimmering in the sunlight

Pausing now and then to look at me

As I make my morning coffee

Movement in the shadows

Not sure what to make of me

The sunlight blinding your view

Making it difficult to see the details


Yet you come back every day

Finding nourishment and strength

In the liquid of life that sustains you

Hoping to get your fill

Before another drives you away


Claiming it to be theirs alone

Sort of like my view of God

Moving in the shadows of my life

Providing sustaining strength and hope

Not exactly sure what I am seeing

Everyone thinking they alone have it right

Blinded by the light of Grace


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

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