Faster than Light Years



Amazing how we can see in the dark. Just close your eyes and dream. Are you dreaming in living color? Are you seeing faces? I have heard it said if you can visualize or imagine it you can do it. Our minds are wonderful beyond compare. How are you using yours? As I began musing about speed in light years and the amazing mind, this poem came into being!

Faster Than Light Years

What is faster than the speed of light?

186,000 miles per second

Nothing in this physical realm

But there is another paradigm

Traveling faster than light

It is the mind /spirit within

Taking us places in an instant

Virtual reality may just be the thing

Just like Dr. Who or Beam me up Scotty

Imagine the top of a mountain

A rocky flowing mountain stream

The smile of a baby

A vision of your parent who has passed on

The mind is a wonderful entity

Transporting us to the depths of the sea

To the outer limits of the universe

To see love in an instant

To touch the mind of God

A prayer a touch of the divine

To imagine a heaven beyond description

To see the pain of a hell already experienced

The spirit takes us inward to see who we are

To remember our childhood vivid and clear

Just like it was yesterday

Time flashes before our eyes they say

All in an instant

All beyond light years

All beyond anything we have yet to imagine

The mind is instant gratification!   … or torment!


Photo: Blue Ridge Parkway Tunnel – Dwight L. Roth

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