Response my poem to Dumb and Dumber

This poem come to me from my friend Bob in response to the political satire poem I posted yesterday.  I thought is was very good so, with his permission,  I am posting it on my site. Thought you might enjoy reading it as well.

 Poem by Bob S. in response to Dumb and Dumber

They went to the polls to make their choice

This time hoping someone would hear their voice


They wound up getting a Big Mouth celebrity

As well as a woman with no integrity


Only 39% favor either of the two

Which leaves an American wondering what they should do?


When the best they can get is the best of the worst

Perhaps they should abstain and see what happens next


Like having a party to which nobody came

Without a clear winner should they do it again


For a country that’s based on such Blood Sweat & Tears

The two of these candidates bring out our worst fears

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