Feminine Beauty


I love the natural look!  Pop singer Alecia Keys announced this week that she is no longer going to cover up with makeup when going out in public. She looks fabulous. In the bird kingdom the female is less colorful and less flashy than the male. Everyone oohs and ahs about the beautiful red male cardinal. Until this year I felt the same way. Then I saw this beauty on my rail and thought what was I thinking. She is beautiful! See what you think…

Feminine Beauty

In the world of birds

Feminine beauty lies not in the flashy

Nor in the bright red hues

But in the accented subtle grays

Touches of orange bring out her best

Allowing her to blend in

While watching over her children

Feminine Beauty is in itself most beautiful

When left in the natural state

Crimson flashiness for the male ego

Unneeded in the female

She knows she is beautiful

Inside and out

Only an accent of orange is needed

To highlight the naturals elegance

Of inward and outward beauty

A lesson for us all


Photo: Dwight L. Roth


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