Dumb and Dumber

Trump and Hillary Cartoon

A political tale….

Dumb and Dumber

Dumb and Dumber were different as day and night

Time was short

The clock was ticking with each passing year

Although they were very successful

Each decided being president would seal their historic place

Using different tactics they went their way

The name calling joker and the forked-tongued lawyer

“I can fly to the sun, said Dumb, I’ve been there before!”

“Wow! I am sure you can,” said some

“I can promise you the moon,” said Dumber

“Yea!” said others, “I know Dumb can’t say that!”

“Will free cheese come with the moon?” asked others

“My back yard fence will be bigger than yours,” said Dumb

“Oh, but you can’t build a fence in your neighbor’s yard!”

said Dumber

“Yes I can, and I will make them pay for it!”

“I will crack my whip,” said Dumb

“Then I will take away all of your whips, answered Dumber

Dumb tried to one-up Dumber, “When those stray dogs come into my yard I will toss them right back over the fence!”

“Oh, You nasty soul, you can’t call your neighbors stray dogs!”

“And,” said Dumb, I will not let my kids take their toys to play in the neighbor’s yard! No sir, I will whoop their tails!”

“My house will be the greatest on the block!”

“Anyone who sets foot in my yard will feel the whip,” said Dumb,  “And , oh by the way…

“That is the one you can’t take away from me!”

“He is so Dumb, he doesn’t have a clue,” yelled Dumber!

“She is just a ‘Big it’,” said Dumb, “She is way dumber than me!

The battle rages on and on and on…

The public now must choose

Will it be Dumb or Dumber?

Or………………… will we be Dumb and Dumber

If we choose either one!

**  **************************************

Think this is silly…. just watch the news!

Art work: Dwight L. Roth

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