Opposites Attract


Why are we still together after all these years? I  heard a song that says, “Love will keep us together..” But, I believe it takes more than love. The things that attract at the beginning of a relationship often become the things that irritate us later. I would contend that it takes more than love to keep us together. Read my poem and find out.

Opposites Attract

Amazing how we’re wired

Opposite poles you and me

Attracted for a lifetime

Stuck with each other

In the best way possible

Love, hate, stresses and joys

All because we are so different

Sometimes in sync

At times all turned around

Sometimes like cats and dogs

At others like two peas in a pod

Underlying this oppositeness

A foundation of commitment

Superseding anything our oppositeness brings

Entwined like the roots on the forest floor

Strength in the time of storm

Blooming together joyfully in the sunshine

God ordained

Love without end


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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