A cake just for me! 001

I enjoyed watching swimmer Michael Phelps and his team mates winning their gold medals at the summer Olympics in Rio. He says this will be his last Olympic competition.  After winning 23 gold medals in his career, what does he do for follow up.  Being only in his thirties, he has over half of his life ahead of him. If he is going to survive retirement, he will need to find a way to reinvent himself. This is my own personal idea of retirement reincarnation


When the cheers die down

The last race is won

My life’s work complete

Hiding our the bird nest 001

What now?

Time for reincarnation

A change of direction

A new challenge

A little slower pace

A bigger smile on my face


No need to assume it’s over

The Rocking Chair can wait

Rocking Chair

There is new life in reincarnation

Not as great

Not as loud

Rewarding just the same


My work does not define me

I am defined by reincarnation

My choices make all the difference

Ebb & Flow

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