Reach for the Light


Do you ever feel suffocated by the sensational news media. I find it overwhelming at times, listening to lying politicians spewing their personal brands of “New Hope and Change” In my opinion, little of what they propose will come to pass. I believe my faith is something that can transport me above the darkness. It is a way to rise rather than becoming overwhelmed. This poem is an invitation to faith.

Reach for the Light

Living in darkness

Trees reach for the light

Following the sun

As it reclines on the edge of the world

Knowing that without light

There is no life

My soul rises toward the light

In a world filled with darkness

Evil pressing in to overwhelm

Terrors for one who dwells below


Let your spirit rise with mine

Reach for the Son

The source of Light and Life

Always shining never hiding


Spirit touching spirit

Reflecting the Light of Love

My escape

From the eternal darkness around me






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