Desert of Truth


“They are so heavenly minded they are no earthly good.” I remember hearing this statement used to describe someone who is very religious, but really does not connect with the people around them. Sometimes I run into a person who goes on and on about their personal beliefs and it makes me want to run away.   But then there are others who not only talk about their faith but actually live an practice it in their daily life.  They show love to their neighbor and are ready to help in time of need. They actually care about others rather than their own agenda.  This is the kind of person who draws me to want hear what they have to say. Which kind of person are you.

Desert of Truth

Light without fruit makes a desert

Overwhelming all

Burning all

Driving everything underground

Faith without fruit creates a desert

Students running to the sand dunes at Kill Devil Hill 001

No shade No water No food

Just intense overpowering repulsion

For all to avoid

Grace Mercy and Truth

Fruit to feed on

A well to drink from

Shade of protection to come under


Don’t let your life become a desert

Don’t let your truth become

Light to avoid

Let your Love reach out to all


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