My father  was a very special person. As you can see in this poem, he was a great people person. Some people called him Paul, students called him Mr. Roth, others Reverend Roth, but I always called him Pop!  He loved his work and he loved people. He was a friend and example to all. We worked side by side planting garden, cleaning out our chicken house, picking chicken feathers, and delivering eggs. He was a man of faith dedicated to his calling. It has been many years since his passing, but I miss him greatly.


Not Father, Not Dad, just Pop…

Hard working creative close to his roots

Tall and handsome

Teacher, preacher, father

Dedicated compassionate champion of the poor

Giving and forgiving

Gardener, farmer, plucker of chickens

Gathering eggs to sell

No job too small

Pop Digging Potaotes 001

Lover of our mom compassionate to all

Keeper of the faith teaching by example

Opening our home

One to call when there’s no one else

Kind words for the dead a touch from God

Last to let them down

A listening ear for both drunk and sober

Our door always open his fist never clenched

Heart reaching out

Counselor, advisor, neighbor, and friend

A heart too weak a heart still strong

Pop left us way too soon.

Paul M. Roth 1912-1982 – Dwight L. Roth – Father’s Day 2014


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