Spiritual Ecstasy


What is the greatest feeling you ever experienced?   I believe it is when two people share a moment together so powerful that it leaves them both with a natural high. It might be sticking a landing at the Olympics, playing the guitar with a good friend performing a song to perfection, a choir performance so great that it leaves both the choir and director with chills,  a climber standing on the summit taking in the vista, a concert so powerful that it fills your soul, or two lovers in a climactic embrace. These are all are examples of what I would call spiritual ecstasy.

Spiritual Ecstasy

Brain explosion dopamine rush a natural high

Electrifying body, soul, and spirit

A union of kindred minds

Coming together in unmatchable synchronous pleasure

Penetrating spirits ecstatic joy

Blending in melodious harmony

Riding the crescendo letting it go

Ending in breathless laughter or unexplainable tears

Knowing something unrepeatably special just occurred

Whether between Finite and Eternal

Male and Female

Guitar picker and Banjo picker

Conductor and Orchestra

Child Performer and Proud Parent

Choir Director and Choir

Preacher and Sinner

Mountain Climber and Panorama

The result is still that same burst of chemicals

Lightning flashing orgasms of pure pleasure

Coursing like a runaway train through your brain

Ending in breathless laughter, joy, and sometimes tears


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