Living Outside the Box

Covered Walkway at Pattillo Elem.

“Do you know what it means to sacrifice?” This was the question posed to Presidential Candidate Donald Trump. He went on to say how hard he has worked to build fantastic buildings and put people to work.  All of this in comparison to the family who lost a son while saving his men from a suicide bomber. I believe many of us are more like Trump than the one who made the ultimate sacrifice. How many of us who are white have our children in schools where they are the minority? How many of us work two or even three jobs. How many of us are worried when we leave our house that we might be accosted by a policeman who is profiling us.  We live outside the box that the black community experiences every day. We have plenty to say, but we do not understand their sacrifice.


Living Outside the Box

The world continually changes

Right in front of our eyes

Shootings of young black men

Retaliatory shootings of cops

Believing our perspective is right

Shaped by a misguided media

Alive with authoritative bias

Salivating over the sensational the salacious

Living safer behind our social walls

Guarding our entitlements

Shielding our kids from harsh reality

Others struggle with little choice

Perpetuating entitlements of a different kind

A system unchanged money pouring in

Researchers in a societal lab of poverty

Conducting the experiments

But never being part of it


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