You Were Not The One For Me

Having a broken heart is a most unpleasant experience. When I was young I thought I was in love, only to find out that this was not the relationship for me. As hard as it is to pick yourself up and become vulnerable again, the call of finding a soulmate is stronger than the broken heart. I think Garth Brooks said it best in his song above. This poem is my take on heartbreak, finding love, and believing God had the best person prepared for me.

You Were Not the One for Me

My heart broke when you left me

Devastated crushed

Thought I would die

I did not know then

You were not the one for me

The second heartbreak even worse

Our connection seemed so great

Until you left me and went back to him

Crushed again I did not know

You were not the one for me

When I met you

I knew

You were the one the one for me

Dwight & Ruth's Wedding0023

So beautiful so full of life

Your sweet smile captivated me

Just think what I would have missed


If I had never met you

Almost fifty years ago


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