The Curtain Rises

Students Play at Bridgewater Elementary 001

Watching grandchildren grow and change is one of the joys of my life. As I think back on my childhood and on the experiences of raising my sons, I find the roles we all play and the cycle of life continue beyond myself. It is wonderful to see them moving on into the role of parent, training the next generation for roles they will inevitably take.  We have no training manual, only the example of those gone before. It is a big responsibility being the director for the next generation.

The Curtain Rises

From womb to womb my comfort displaced

Crying with stage fright I take my place

Unprepared for all the applause

Jason in the tub - Ruth 001

I am a star if only for the moment

Smiles and laughter greet every performance


Gaining more confidence my part is rewritten

I  emerge shyly  from behind the curtain

Sometimes a hit sometimes a flub

Settling into the character I love

Learning, shaping, the cheers die down

Directors change the play goes on

Too much, too hard, I want to get off

The director draws me back to my spot

Reviews are harsh my lines self-written

Invincible confident I move on without flinching

Searching finally loving my part

Free to explore I speak from my heart

Loving and caring my understudies arrive

Watching and learning smiling wide eyed


Full of wild wonder, joy, and fear

Finding their part and with pride always near

Filling in for me when I flub my line

Taking over my part as I begin to decline

The play of life a fleeting grand moment

Cherishing each and every applauded performance

Handling each misstep covering dropped lines

Awestruck  outstanding as my delivery declines

My understudies are here and now it’s their time

Life’s a stage where we all perform

Big parts and small parts lessons to be learned

As I near the end of my acting career

Great Grandpa White and Jason

Mine not for prying eyes or an audience’s loud cheer

Just a small part far from perfection

Played…then my understudy assumes the direction

With proud joy and pleasure I take my last bow

It’s time for me to go it’s their time is now.


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