Love Lights the Flame


Is your flame burning as bright as it was when you first fell in love?  Time takes it toll on a relationship. All of the little splinters of life cause the flame to die down. All the residuals of unresolved issues turn the fire into suffocating powder. What does it take to rekindle the flame of the loving relationship you once had. Read the poem and enjoy the imagery.

Love Lights the Flame

Hot coals of love burn down to ashes

Glowing in the white powder of life


Smoldering in pain and suffering

Red-orange and glowing embers of what once was

The story of our life reduced to ashes

Hard clinkers of melted molten anger

Igneous chunks of hate and despair

No life, no fire, no will to rise anymore

But then… shaken and stirred

They fall through the grate

Giving breath and life to remaining embers


Letting go of despair shedding the pain

Finding forgiveness reigniting the flame

The breath of love makes the coals glow red

The choking dust of life shaken free

Only the embers of love remain

Rising up the rekindled flame


Dwight L. Roth Photos:

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