We Live Among the Stones


This poem began in an early morning dream and continued while I waited for the dental hygienist. People are like stones. Some hard and rough. Others smooth and round. Some are precious and very  valuable. Stones, like people, are reflections of the life they have lived. The bumps and grinds of everyday life shape us into what we are today.

We Live Among the Stones  

We live among the stones


Some rounded and smooth

Others sharp and jagged

Stones fresh and raw from upheaval

Laid bare by heat and pressure


Scorched and Broken

Stone surrounding the fossils of life

Embedded ancient remains

Relationships yet to be excavated

Stones in the river of life

Hard yet rounded smooth

Shaped by the flow of life

Stones cut and shaped to perfection

Stacked and fitted with keystone and arch


Support and strength for all above

Stones of beauty shaped with loving hands

Smoothed and polished


Exquisite beauty stately and cold

Stones of hurt hurled to harm

Smashing killing with devastating force

Leaving only piles of rubble behind


Stones of moraine crushed under ice

Laid bare by the receding foot

Cold snow pack fading fast in the sunlight

Precious stones forged with extreme heat

Pressures that forever change

Leaving a greater metamorphic glory

Stones of love left in sweet memory

Of loved ones gone


Now only names carved in stone

We are all precious stones

Jewels in our creator’s crown

Reflecting love and grace

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