Good Times at Nag’s Head

Chris and Jason at Duck 1977 001

The good times we had at Nag’s Head and Emerald Isle always superseded the heat of summer. In this summer of extreme heat, those memories still come to mind.  The cool ocean waves and the evening ocean breezes made our trip comfortable even in the heat of summer. Now our boys take their families to enjoy the ocean, ride the waves, and build castles in the sand, even in the heat of summer.

Good Times at Nag’s Head

Sand and surf God’s natural sandbox

A place where awe and imagination merge

Watching our two boys chase ebb and flow

Squealing with delight as the surf laps their ankles

Jason Playing in the Surf  - 1977 001

Amazing creatures evolve out of the sandy beach

Beach - Jason and dragon head 001

With each shovel full of sand they take shape

Octopus, Sea Turtles, Sharks and Whales

Beach - Jason and turtle 001

All come to life at the hand of their creator

Sand Castles with moats and towered walls

Sit on the edge of destruction

Hot Rods with seat and steering wheel

Roar to life in that three year old mind

Riding the swells on a bubble of air

Feeling the power of the ocean breathing beneath

Waiting for just the right wave

Driving into the shallows

Those were good times, no, great times at Nag’s head

Ruth and Jason at Nags Head 1977 001

Some forty years ago

Now it’s grandchildren and a new creator

Bringing awe and imagination to life

And that three-year old

Still loves God’s ocean playground

Beach -Chris reading at the beach  001

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