Chasing Truth


Perspective changes how we understand truth. I believe what we consider to be truth is part of a much bigger entity.   The apostle Paul said we see through fogged up glasses.  It is interesting to me that people think they have a handle on truth, and that gives them the right to judge everyone else. I find that much of what we believe is truth is based on faith. In spite of that some feel they must prove that what they believe is really true based on facts. They take what little they have and recreate it into something very different. Others take it as a mandate and try to force it on everyone else. I have been chasing truth all my life. This poem shares some of what I have learned.

Chasing Truth

I run toward truth

Arms wide open as a lover’s embrace

Breathless with anticipation

I move through the swamp’s fog

Heading for higher ground


I reach for truth

Gathering it as bort on the diamond cutter’s floor

Only to find the chips

Are parts of a much larger facet

Shining as they may

They are only the edges of a greater glory


I grasp truth

As a child clings to his toy

Thinking no one else will possess it but me

Settling for sparkling dust on the cutting room floor

And seeking no more


I find truth

Shining in all its faceted glory

Set in nature’s gold and love’s embrace


Only to tarnish it

With Id and Ego

Thinking it is I who makes it shine


I face truth

Dimmed by all its light


Surely if I change it some,

It will suit me much better when not so bright


So, I grind it

With mortise and pestle

‘Till all it becomes is dust in the bowl

Never again to be part of the whole

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