Good Friends Last Forever

IMG_1791 2009

During our college years, Ruth and I sang in a folk gospel group called the Optimists.  We were nothing spectacular, but we were well liked among the friends who followed us. No Grammy Awards were given and we were relatively unknown.  But for us, the friends who supported us made our lives rich and rewarding. Since that time we have come together a few times to reminisce and catch up on what is happening in our lives. No matter how long we are apart , when we get together again it is just like we had seen each other yesterday. Our friend from the past and the present still enrich our lives. It is great to be famous, but  only among our friends.

It’s nice to be famous only among friends

Among friends is all that counts

The optimists and spouses 2000 0012000

Famous enough for this lifetime

It avoids a lot of unwanted baggage

Never ending expectations and tabloid garbage

No tours to make no books to sign

Just appreciation and love and that’s just fine

I still remember where I came from

IMG_9418  1970

And I am always home when the day is done

No paparazzi, flash bulbs, or sensational news

Only my friends care about my views

Yes, being famous is really great

The rewards are never late

My appreciation has no end

As long as being famous is only among friends



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