My Life Goes On


…My grandmother died  at the young age of sixty-five, not long after this photo was taken. She had no idea that she would be gone so soon. She also did not realize how her grandchildren and great grandchildren would carry on the life and heritage that she passed on to them. Computers were not even thought of when she was living. Now her great grandson makes his living using them. Who knows what our future holds. Our life is passed on through those who follow. It is important to live in ways that gives them a Godly moral and spiritual foundation. What we pass on is here to stay. Let love be the cement that holds life together.

My Life Goes On

If I should find this my last day

Looking back on my work and play

Life is the place where joy and sorrow meet

A roller coaster ride of ups and downs

Struggles pain and joys abound

Making me stronger I stand my ground

Becoming the man who bears my name

The image of my creator reflected in my face

Not perfect but full of love and amazing grace

A shadow of the divine embracing a much better place

Life goes on be it here or there

In my children in their children

His face is everywhere

Reflections of love’s immeasurable power

Strength for today and hope for each hour

Passing on down through the thread of life


So fragile so dear so full of strife

If this were to be my last day

With sorrow’s leaving I would surely say

I’m not gone I’m here to stay



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