Tiger Cat

Tiger 001

…We loved our cat for sixteen years. Tiger was a neurotic creature who, when he got stressed would lick and lick. He was very much like some people independent and aloof at times. He chose when he wanted our attention, jumping up in our lap as we watched TV.  He was sneaky at times playing in the toilet and sleeping on the end of our bed when we were out. After Ruth caught him and baptized him in the toilet, he gave up splashing in the bowl.  It never failed, every time we cleaned his litter box, he would jump right in the clean litter and do his thing, just like a husband! In spite of all his antics, we loved him dearly.

Tiger Cat

The runt of the litter a striped gray and black

A cute little kitten to take along back

Playful and funny he sure entertained us

It wasn’t long till Tiger made a big fuss

Bigger and stronger he raced through the house

Upstairs and downstairs chasing imaginary mouse

Not in the morning, not in the evening, but at 10:00 at night

Waiting at the rail giving me a big fright

Neurotic and nervous he licked and coughed

Oh, no! Oh Shoot! he’s up on the loft

Creating giant hairballs so yukky and soft

But Ruth didn’t hesitate she picked him right up

Grabbing him quickly she must interrupt

Off to the laundry to cough on the paper

Hoping to get there to end this bad caper

An independent soul he was always so moody

I’ll come to you when I am good and ready

Saying, “Don’t pick me up unless I tell you!”

Any other time I’ll scat and you’ll be blue

Engines purring he climbs up in my lap

Settling down for his short cat nap

I’ll sleep, he’ll sleep and then he’s gone

While I am still snoring as I sleep on

He’ll be roaming the house while he’s all alone

He thought he was sneaky but we knew better

Our bed was a no no and he was a fretter

Climbing on our bed while we were away

That warm spot that indent we knew where he lay

Tiger with Ruth 001

It’s me for a nap but it’s Ruth whom he loves

The feeling is mutual as she gives him soft rubs

Sometimes I am jealous of this moody feline

Especially when he cuts in and takes up my time

Tiger came first on many occasions

Knowing he was king our special obsession

For sixteen years he watched out the window

Then ran to the door as we said hello

We were grieved when he left us it was time to move on

But we loved him dearly and are sad that he’s gone.





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