The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life

Micah and friend fishing at Cain Creek

Relationships are what make life meaningful and rewarding. They can be difficult at times, but with some effort can become a foundation of joy.  My father never knew a stranger. My mother cherished her relationships into her nineties. Children and grandchildren are wonderful, bringing joy and blessing to our lives. Develop relationships. Work on them with all your strength. They will provide joy and happiness in your life. Share the love.

The meaning of life lies not in the things we have

Or even what we may have accomplished

But rather in the life we are living each day

Friends who care and share themselves with us


Make life a joy knowing they are there

When we see the laughter in our children’s eyes

Feeling their love and feeling their hugs

We feel the sun on our face, the wind in our hair

The mud squishing between our toes


Listening to the birds singing their songs


The chirp of the wren the cooing of the doves


Lovingly protecting one another

Reminding us the touch of a hand and loving voice

Bring meaning each day to our fast paced life

The meaning of life lies not in the things we have

But in those we love and those we serve

The rest is just icing on the cake

Smooth and sweet

Our life’s a treat


Fishing Photo: M.B.Roth  Painting and other Photos: Dwight Roth




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