Now That You’re Gone

Now That You’re GoneEER_0019

Losing a loved one is always difficult. Separation is painful, whether it be through illness, accident, divorce, or death. Sometimes we may look back and say, I wish I had said this or told them one more time that I loved them, but they are gone. Pete Seeger wrote a classic song called Turn, Turn, Turn,  which came from the book of Ecclesiastes. It says, “There’s a time for every purpose under heaven.”  Letting go is one of those times. Remembering the good and letting go of the negative can free us to move on.  This poem reflects on letting go.

Now that you’re gone what can I say

That hasn’t already been said

The good and bad the sweet and sad

So why say more

No more questions No more excuses No more reasons

Already mouthed a thousand times

Imprints on my heart


Hurricanes of emotion cutting deep

Sometimes pounding

Sometimes they gently creep

Like grains of sand on an evening beach

Ebbing flowing soothing all the footprints of time


Leaving only diamonds of Light glistening on the sand

Answers sifting through the fingers of my hand

The warm sun sends its healing rays


The only thing left to say


I Love You!


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