Where Were You God…

Where Were You God When I Needed You Most…?


Questioning God does not separate us from his love. When I heard of the shooting of several police officers in Dallas, TX this past week, this  question again came to mind. I thought about the families of those involved in recent police shootings and wondered how they were coping.  In my own experience. I went through some dark times in my mid-life that left me feeling alone with this same unanswerable question. Even though I was a person of faith, I did not find  the peace of mind that I was taught God would give me in my time of need. It was a very difficult time for me, as I am sure it is for those who are grieving  for their lost loved ones. The Bible tells us that nothing can separate us from God’s love.  Even our doubts and questions do not change God’s love for us.  This poem expresses some of my feelings, questions, and doubts during that time.  My heart goes out to the grieving families at this time.

Where were you God when I needed you most

When my life collapsed

And the one I loved will never come back

God, where were you when I believed you cared

When I trusted you to direct my path

Where was the promised peace of mind

That through difficult times I did not find

When I walked through the valley of the shadow of death

I feared every evil I felt all the pain

Where were you when I cried out in pain

When I pleaded I begged I called out your name

When I hurt so bad I wished I could die

Were you there to see did you hear my cry

I could not tell

I felt alone left to fate

With no way to help before it’s too late

Would all that happened have happened anyway

Or were you there

What do you say?

Where were you God

When I needed you most?

One thought on “Where Were You God…

  1. It’s interesting how much we ask this very question and wonder if God has fallen silent or abandoned us. But deep down, even in our darkest of valleys, we still have hope and know that in spite of it all we will rise. We just have to keep faith and hope alive! Great reflection! 🙂


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