I Was Born With Dementia

     Dwight L. Roth - 1st Grade Bessemer School 001

I have struggled with remembering things since the first grade!  Learning my multiplication tables took a few grades to get into my head.  Staying focused was a chore and distractions were all around me. In our world today I would probably have been diagnosed as ADD.  I am not sure why remembering things has been so difficult for me. I thought to myself, if loss of short term memory is a sign of dementia, I have had dementia all my life. This lighthearted poem sums up my thoughts.

Born with Dementia

If short term memory determines dementia

I’ve had it all my life

“What is your name?”  “Tell me again, your name is…?”

I can’t seem to remember your name?”

Why can’t I remember a person’s name?

Following instructions fares no better

“I told you earlier to take out the trash!”

But it did not register in my brain

My first job at Monger’s lumber yard

Showed signs of dementia from the very first day

“Go get him four pieces of ¾ inch quarter round

two sheets of  inch ply wood

and, five 8 ft pieces of bed mold”

Ten steps out and I turn around

“I’m sorry, did you say ¾ inch quarter round?”

This has been the story of my life

Being a visual learner

Overrode my hearing memory

A brain full of holes

that only holds the past and the traumatic

Funny how pain and insult are never forgotten

Is it really dementia

or as some think

selective hearing

Becoming more and more useful

as my hearing fades

Brains work in mysterious ways

Some remember every detail

Others loose it all

Why, I do not know

But I do know this

If recent memory were the key

When it comes to dementia

It’s definitely me



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