Peace is something that seems to get left by the wayside in our world. Following the teachings of Jesus, loving our neighbors, and even loving our enemies may seem impossible . Suicide bombers and shootings dominate our sensational new media. Our political candidate says he his going to bomb the @#$@ out of our enemies! How are we going to learn to live in peace with this attitude?

What would happen if we started showing love and compassion for each other? A good place to start might be in our own families and neighborhoods. Peace originates in the heart? Reconciliation does not come when the fist is clenched. The apostle Paul wrote, “As far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men.” Are you a peacemaker?


Can peace come from a heart of fear?

From the hand tightly  clinched in defense

Trying to save what already is lost


Only from a heart of Love!

Selfless love that is sacrificial

Knowing that it may mean

the end of one’s self

for the sake of another

A heart that does not grasp

But rather opens the hand of God

to one in need

So that all may live in Peace


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