The Thrill of the Needle and Drill

My dentist once commented, “You have a fortune in crowns and fillings. My teeth have been my “Achilles Heal” since a very young age. I always hated going to the dentist to get my teeth filled and later to get crowns put on.  They say it is either laugh or cry, so I decided to write a poem about it after a recent visit. This is what came out!


Here I sit in the dentist’s chair

 Waiting for my gum to get numb

It’s a place I avoid for the needles and pain

Are some things from which I run


When the needle went in I did not feel a thing

But the idea still makes me cringe

My mind goes berserk and the memories kick in

 Each time I see that syringe


  I sat in the chair getting numb to my hair

Awaiting Dr. Hudson’s return

I wait there in dread feeling numb in my head

Helpless with a faraway yearn


Passing the time till the dreaded encounter

 The hygienist jokingly said

Since you’re numb in the head and everything’s dead

Your nose could be pierced instead


We talked of tattoos and ear piercings too

 Growing old will be a wild wonder

When all those tattoos we love when they’re new

Get pulled and stretched all asunder


How odd to me what some people go through

 Piercings extreme pain just to be blue

Arms legs and nipple rings too

And in places you mama never knew


“Ah,” I told her, “That pain’s not for me

My threshold is way too low

When I want to suffer and be tortured and bled

I go to the dentist instead.”


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